-All High School Football Challenge competitions require athletic shirts & shorts/tights to be worn at all times.

-Make sure you arrive on time to check in. We start promptly.

-If you have highlight film you need to have it uploaded and online and forward us the link.

-We will provide T-shirts & numbers for all athletes to compete in.

-Make sure you bring your signed waiver, otherwise you can't compete without it!

-Results will be posted online within 2 weeks from competition. 

-Athletes will know all of their scores the day of the combine.

-There are "no refunds"  (unless there is lightning or severe weather issues at the day of the combine.)

-All athletes are responsible for brining their own food, water, & beverages.

-We recommend bringing a variety of shoes for all types of surfaces such as: tennis shoes, cleats, & track spikes.

-All camps will commence regardless  of weather conditions rain or shine. (with the exception of lighting.)

Underclassman are listed as 8, 9, & 10 graders, while Upperclassman are 11 & 12 graders. There are 2 separate grading-point systems when it comes to scoring the competition portion of the combine. Underclassman are competing against their class & upperclassman are competing against their class. (click on the form below to see the point system.)

-You must be going into the 8th grade up to 12th grade to compete. (seniors can compete)

-We encourage all friends & family members to attend to cheer on their athletes, BUT YOU MUST REMAIN OFF THE FIELD & IN THE STANDS AT ALL TIMES, for insurance purposes.

-Come ready to compete & leave it all on the field! Good Luck!


  wHAT to know?

The most comprehensive clinic
-All High School Football Challenge competitions are held for one day on a weekend & run efficiently within the one day event.

-The locations are based on a regional(state) location nationwide for football players & athletes to attend.

-There are awards with medals & trophies going to the top performers.

-The fee is $120.00 (group discounts are available for 5 or more players).

The fee includes the following:

-The unmatched professional elite coaching the players will receive at each station.

-Small testing numbers for one-on-one coaching.

-Groups will not exceed 25 players.

-We create a "TRUE" profile that shows the testing numbers, HD video of the testing scores, including football playing positions, & game film link, for each individual athlete. This provides the college recruiter with an easy one-stop-shop-scouting tool for each athlete.

-Testing & measuring of each player.

-State of the are facilities to ensure great testing numbers. (All fields are synthetic turf fields.)

-T-shirts given to each competitor.

-DVD performance training video given to each athlete.

-Digital profiles on the web.

-HD video of filming of each athlete showing his speed, quickness, & strength.

-Uploading & editing of each individual profile.

-Adding the athletes game film to the profile for college recruiting & marketing.

-Marketing of each player.

-Sending the testing data, game film, & profile information to college scouts for recruiting.

-Hard copy profiles to download & print for every athlete.

-Recruiting packet that includes a CD rom of: the current NCAA manual, a step by step manual on how to earn a scholarship, a manual for college football training, & a football prep plan manual.

-Access to profiles - ability to update the profiles if need be during the athletes career.

-Uploading the HD film to our youtube network for easy one-stop-shop-scouting for each player.

-Medals, trophies, & awards given to the athletes.

-Web access for college scouts.



Our Goal

The goal of the high school football

challenge  is to provide a coaching and testing clinic-service to showcase high school football players skills while helping them market themselves for a college scholarships. 

Why we are different

We are the only combine that breaks down each testing position & actually coaches the athlete on how to perform better. Our clinics are kept in small groups. We do not allow our camps to exceed 25 players. Unlike some camps where there are hundreds of players, the athlete gets lost in the shuffle & all he becomes is a number. They end up walking away not learning anything & feeling short-handed. At the High School Football Challenge each athlete receives individual attention.

What makes us unique

​We create a TRUE "NFL" type profile showing your scores, pic, video of workout showing your speed, quickness, strength, position drills, & highlight football film. The profile is posted for your entire high school football career. Plus you receive a digital profile, training dvd, college scholarship manual, NCAA current manual & much more.

Testimonials of our service

"I would like to thank you again and your time spent coaching me." K. Kaminski

"Thanks! I thought you all ran a nice event, especially given the windy conditions." A. Brady

Thanks a lot! I enjoyed working out with ya'll. I just got invited to ELITE 11. I will keep you posted." C. Turner

"David and I were very impressed with the job you and your coaches did at at the camp. The instruction was excellent!" T. Hourin

"Taylor was very impressed with his first High School Football Challenge, so were we. Thank you for working with our hopefuls!" J. Brooks

"It's the best coached camp I have ever seen!" Head Football Coach Lovejoy High School Wildcats." A Hughes

apples to apples

"Just don't pay for a test"

The "high school football recruiting" industry can be overwhelming and confusing for what you and your son are receiving. Make sure you understand what your receiving and what's involved in the price. We offer the most comprehensive coaching clinic that provides a complete coaching, marketing, profile data-base, video network, testing, and recruit information clinic.

The High School Football Challenge gives you the complete package. 

Remember when you shop, you compare apples to apples, and just don't pay for a test.



Partner with our coaches to get the ultimate coaching experience

At each clinic each athlete receives  a coaching service that is one-on-one. Each athlete receives individual attention. 

  • Proper dynamic warm up
  • Position tested-specific strategy maneuvers
  • Focus on proper position, body, & foot placement
  • Proper body and foot mechanics 
  • How to perform each test to his best ability

We also provide a coaching dvd to take home for you to practice. We will provide an informational packet that will guide you to learning a football scholarship as well. Every player will walk away learning something new…WE GUARANTEE IT!

Who we are 

Our staff is made up of former college, professional, & world class elite athletes and coaches that competed at the highest level. Our personnel have made a living on professional training so you are getting the most experience for instruction.